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Sacred Chords: The Minor Fall and the Major Lift

“Your faith was strong but you needed proof / You saw her bathing on the roof / Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you …” I spent my weekend packing up my house. Well, not my house anymore – rather … Continue reading

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The Cry of the Mandrake and Other Baneful Herbs

Post for week 4 in Pagan Blog Project: B II: Baneful Herbs In modern witchcraft, “baneful herbs” are herbs traditionally associated with ill will and are often very toxic. These are poisons that should not be handled by anyone who … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Witches’ Book of the Dead

The Witches’ Book of the Dead. Christian Day. Weiser Books, Oct. 2011. (Kindle format) Christian Day’s The Witches Book of the Dead explores the relationship between witches and spirits through a folkloric and traditional witchcraft lenses. This book includes a … Continue reading

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Besom: The Witches’ Broom

B is for Besom: my second Pagan Blog Project entry. In modern witchcraft the witches brooms used for ceremonial rather than mundane purposes are referred to as besoms. These are not brooms used for tidying up, but for many ceremonial … Continue reading

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Pagan Reading Challenge

So… I read a lot. I decided to sign up for a pagan reading challenge as well that way I can review books. Rather, I know I am able to review books any time I want, but this will motivate … Continue reading

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Ancestors: Pagan Blog Project Post

This is my first Pagan Blogging Project post – two weeks late. As a quick catch-up I will write two PBP posts in one day. Although I hate leaving things unfinished, I will only do one “A” post since I … Continue reading

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Pagan Meme

So I saw this floating on a few other blogs like Pagan Culture and Living a Faerie Tale and decided to steal it since I thought actually making an entry would be a good way to start this blog.  And … Continue reading

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