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Gods, Goddess, and Gender from one’s Grrrl’s Perspective

PBP Week 13 (yay lucky 13!):  G is for Gender I am the kind of Pagan that worships gods and goddesses.  I know not all Pagans do, and even among those of us who do worship gods and goddesses, there is … Continue reading

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This is still not a Book Review: Witchy Wednesdays

Nope, this is not a book review. Between the flu, knitting, my life, and now seasonal allergies I haven’t finished any of the books I started to review.  I’ve also been working my way though meditations with The Wildwood Tarot … Continue reading

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F is for Flowers

So I missed week 12 of PBP, I’m sorry. I’ve been super busy this last week – instead of celebrating spring on the equinox I ended up spending 10 hours in the flu-filled emergency room with my grandpa.  He is … Continue reading

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Of Plastic Paddys and Snakes

St. Patrick’s Day was this weekend.  Given my current circumstances, I didn’t do what I usually do – in any sense actually. St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day to honor my ancestors and heritage, and of course, a day of … Continue reading

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Snow-White, Rose-Red, Briar Rose and Kissing Toads: what we learn from Fairy Tales

Week 11 PBP: First “F” post.  F is for Fairy Tales. Fairy tales, fairy stories, faery tales… whatever you want to call them I grew up thinking everyone was well acquainted with these stories.  Yes, I was one of those … Continue reading

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Herbal Review: The Master Book of Herbalism (Beyerl)

The Master Book of Herbalism. Paul Beyerl, Phoneix Publishing Inc., Blane, Washington, 1984.  (Illustrations by Diana Greene.) Beyerl’s The Master Book of Herbalism (1984) is a well-rounded traditional magical herbal. The book is split into three main parts: the first being … Continue reading

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Creation and Everyday Magick

Everyday acts are magical. When someone says “creation” many people think of awesome events like birth or the big bang. However, not all acts of creation are as awesome and inspiring as say giving birth or creating the universe.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Ecofeminism, deep ecology, and dark green religion: PBP week 10

Week 10 of PBP second E post.  E is for Environmentalism and Ecology.  The first few drafts of this post were really science centered and while that’s awesome this blog focuses on Paganism. I do not think science and religion are … Continue reading

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Aphrodite: my observations

Relationships change over time, with both people and deities. One of the deities I have worked with the longest is Aphrodite. When I was younger I saw Aphrodite as a goddess of love and beauty, a warm welcoming mother-like goddess … Continue reading

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My gods are funny.

I feel like I should write something but it’s been an emotionally exhausting week and I can’t seem to finish a even slightly coherent paragraph (see my last entry for proof). But in an effort to post something I won’t … Continue reading

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