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Why Burn Incense?

PBP Week 17 I.  I is for Incense. There are many parts of a ritual. You have the auditory part – the sounds used in the ritual.  There are vocal parts to rituals:  the words you say.  Of course action … Continue reading

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Hellenic Pagans – What I’m Not

PBP H is for Hellenic Traditions.  I know this is way late, I meant to get this up Monday but the weekend was spent attending to some very important personal issues and soul-searching.  For the rest of the week I’ve … Continue reading

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Not exactly a post but it’s Monday and I am determined to keep up with my post schedule. Media Monday post – interesting poll on World Relgions. Take note of how large Abrahamic Religions. Also I wonder where I fall… … Continue reading

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Mind your Character, It Becomes Your Destiny

PBP Week 15: H is for Honor As a Pagan, I feel like I am sometimes assumed to be a certain kind or amoral or immoral person.  A lot of Christians I know assume that without “god” or a deity … Continue reading

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Book Review: Eaarth (Bill McKibbens)

Eaarth: Making Life on a Tough New Planet.  Bill McKibben, Times Books, 2010.  (Kindle Edition.) The point of the Pagan Reading Challenge is to take time to develop spiritually and study what others have to say.  However, as a Pagan … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Witchy Tools – Athame

Athames are ritual daggers in Wicca.  A lot of witches use them as well who practice traditional witchcraft but I don’t – generally.  I used to have one when I was newer to the craft and I purchased it when … Continue reading

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I’m good at being uncomfortable so I can’t stop changing all the time

Week 14 of PBP: G is for Growth. Yes this is late.  Last week was super busy with family drama related to my grandpa’s illness and Easter. Then, the depression got me. In order to attempt to self-medicate, I spent a … Continue reading

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