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Yoga Files: How I got hooked on Kundalini Yoga

Week 21 of Pagan Blog Project:  K is for Kundalini Yoga.  Since Kundalini was actually on the list of prompts, I’m not going to talk about what it *is* exactly, I’m going to focus on my personal experiences with Kundalini … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Horny Goats or my favorite mythological animal

So, first I’m going to say anything I consider a “fairy” doesn’t fall into “mythological animal” because I wouldn’t say fairies are “animals.”  Otherwise obviously, my favorite mythological creature would a Pixie!  Duh! “Pastoral Symphony” by Disney ex. Fantasia I’m … Continue reading

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Way out in the water, see it swimming…

I have this dream, over and over.  Things are going normally, I’m with the Ex it’s our “normal” and then I experience that horrible feeling of hopelessness and loneliness – and he doesn’t care.  This is where it gets weird: … Continue reading

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I have a wicked…

I have a wicked cough-lyrangitis thing going on.  Endless cups of tea.

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In Defense of Judgement: or the problem with “no-judgement” attitudes

Pagan Blog Project Week 20:  J2 is for Judgement.  Before I get into it I want to point out some other great posts on PBP for Judgement over at The Druid Bird, Pagan Perspectives, and Tree of Learning Circle.  I respect … Continue reading

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Feeling extremely crowded.  Desperately in need to time-space alone to just “be.”

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Journaling: The Key to Living An Examined Life

Pagan Blog Project Week 11:  J is for Journaling.   A lot of people who are in the professional business of giving advice will tell their clients, and almost make it a recommendation to anyone, to keep a journal.  I … Continue reading

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The Horned God of Wicca

Witchy Wednesdays this week will explore an important god in my practice: the Horned God.  So, we all know I worship Dionysos but I worship another god as well – though this god I do not have the kind of … Continue reading

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Merry May! Beltane

Beltane is my second favorite Pagan “holy day.”  One of the things I love most about Beltane is the time of year:  springtime and autumn energize me. The warm languid air feels delicious on my skin.  Flowers blooming, getting the … Continue reading

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Do You Have Iron in Your Soul?

Pagan Blog Project Week 18: I is for exploring the Iron Pentacle. In English culture (and as an American, English culture is somewhat the “mother” of American culture) “iron” means many things.  There are old sayings like one can have iron in … Continue reading

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