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Learning Merida’s Lesson on Myth

PBP Week 29: M is for Myth and Merida!  This theme of history and myth I hope to explore in the upcoming week, I’m too tired now to go into it as deeply as I would like. -Pixar’s new movie … Continue reading

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My Keepers

What you intend to win with in a game of Flux might say a lot about you.

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M is for Myrtle

Pagan Blog Project Week 25: M is for Myrtle Myrtle, the plant, is sacred to Aphrodite.  It has been used to symbolize sex, fidelity, love, and offer protection.  For me, this plant has associations of protection specific to women and … Continue reading

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Hail to the Holly King!

Merry Solstice! Happy Litha! Merry Yule for those of you in the southern hemisphere!  Today marks Midsummer here in the Midwest.  The sun is at it’s peak, this is the longest day of the year.  In the Wiccan story of … Continue reading

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Sun Worshiping Tips – Wear Sunscreen!

So, this is a Pagan blog but this is also my blog and I am obsessed with beauty and skincare.  As a Pagan I find the divine in nature and love being outdoors – especially in the summer.  I love … Continue reading

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Book Review: Witchcraft Medicine

Witchcraft Medicine Healing Arts, Shamanic Practices, and Forbidden Plants (2003).  Claudia Muller-Ebeling, Christian Ratsch, and Wolf-Dieter Storl. Translated: Annabel Lee.  Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont. Witchcraft Medicine is a well researched collection of essays by reputable academics on the subject of shamanism … Continue reading

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All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals

This blog post is doing double duty while I find some time to write.  It is Week 24 at the Pagan Blog Project and this would be the second L post.  I plan on finishing up and publishing my first one, … Continue reading

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The Dog Ate My Homework!

No, actually my dog bit me because I was in the middle of a territorial conflict.  In fact, I was the territory in question.  I’ll finish my post whenever the shock wears off.  Still here hope everyone is having a … Continue reading

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What is a “Pagan” – joining another Blog project

When I first heard about the Pagan Values Blogject I didn’t feel I could commit to another  blog theme project.  However, I did want to read it and after following along, I’ve been inspirited to write about “Pagan Values.”  One … Continue reading

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Making magic with string: Knots and Knitting

PBP week 22: K II is for Knotwork and Knitting. They are pretty similar.  I’ve talked about the meditative aspects and importance of creation before on this blog but knitting plays a huge role in my life, while this is … Continue reading

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