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This is MY Healthcare – not yours

I wrote a dozen posts about rape, Akin, and Mizzourah and trashed them: now that he has unofficially said he’ll drop out I’m going to say this: Just because Todd Akin drops out of the race doesn’t mean we are … Continue reading

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Quackery and Questionable Sources

PBP Week 33: Q is for Quackery and Questionable Sources. In the pagan and metaphysical community there seems to be a lot of tension about quackery and questionable sources.  I see these are two separate but interrelated issues.  Quackery, for … Continue reading

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Only one thing

Dear Universe, Just give me this one thing, this one simple, thing.  Let me do this work, because it is so important to me.  I just want to be able to help someone and do something meaningful again.  Just this … Continue reading

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Policy, Politics, and Paganism in Mizzourah: Amendment 2

PBP Week 32: P is for Persecution, Policy, and Politics – which really means I’m going to be talking about identity politics.  I’m going to put it out here and say even if you really don’t give two shits about “politics” or … Continue reading

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Entering The Moon

You open your eyes and find yourself on a path, its early evening.  Behind you is a lake, teeming with fish and wildlife.  On the sides of the path are open fields, cool grass tickles your feet.  A few feet … Continue reading

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How To Project: How To Frame A Debate using Chick-Fill-A Protests

This post is a part of the How-To Project over on Tumbler inviting female bloggers and writers to write their own How-To articles on whatever we are good at.  The inspiration for this Tumbler project comes from the excessively gendered … Continue reading

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The Practice of Paganism

PBP Week 31:  P is for Practice. When I first found paganism, and witchcraft, everyone was interested in sharing their beliefs.  Beliefs are shared easily through an anonymous forum on the Internet, while still being difficult to prove or disprove. … Continue reading

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Epic Dreams

I started this Tarot work, because I wanted to work more with the cards.  I did this thing, I don’t know if you’d call it a ritual, meditation, exercise, or what where you take your soul card, ask it what … Continue reading

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Happy Harvest – Don’t Let This Fading Summer Pass You By!

Today was Lammas, or the first harvest festival.  In total, there are three (four really  if you count “secular” holidays) harvests.  The first harvest is always the most low-key and special in my practice.  I think I don’t go “all … Continue reading

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