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How Not to Be

When someone is going thru a hard time and they talk about moving it’s a good idea to question if it’s not themselves they’re running away from. I know, I know, this is “normal.”  I think maybe that’s kind of … Continue reading

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Merry Yuletide and Happy New World Day!

Since I am writing this at the end of 12/21/2012 – which also happens to be the Winter Solstice and thus my Yule, Happy First Day of the Rest of Your Life! It’s true, the Mayan Calendar has shifted, it’s “reset.”  In … Continue reading

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Knitting Season

So it’s almost Yule, almost Xmas, and it finally got cold.  By “finally” I mean literally: it just stopped being over 50 degrees (F) daily yesterday.  I guess this gives me time to catch up with my blog – and … Continue reading

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I had to re-blog this because this is something in Pagan and Christian communities that just needs to stop. Really, stop you guys. This is a pet peeve of mine when, Pagans usually, claiming Christimas is part of the Christ-Dionysos … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Apps for Witchcraft

When I’m at a loss for what to post, I turn to canned posts and themes.  So I’ll probably start making a lot of new “themes” in the next few weeks so I can just “write” when the mood hits. … Continue reading

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Even Nature is in Denial

It’s HARD to celebrate or think about Yule when it’s 60 degrees outside (about 15 Celcius).  It’s beautiful, the sun is shining, the breeze is light… I’ll be damned if I’m stuck inside trying to “blog” about something.  I am … Continue reading

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PBP Week 48: Xenophobia in American NeoPaganism

Pagan Blog Project Week 48 X is for Xenophobia in NeoPaganism.  (I decided just to go with PBP and pick up where they are at.  I will be participating and making it a goal to complete a whole year of … Continue reading

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