Merry Yuletide and Happy New World Day!

Yule Reading

Yule Tarot reading with Wildwood Tarot in World Tree Spead.

Since I am writing this at the end of 12/21/2012 – which also happens to be the Winter Solstice and thus my Yule, Happy First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

It’s true, the Mayan Calendar has shifted, it’s “reset.”  In one tradition time itself has reset.  It’s a whole new world, we are blessed to have lived in a time where something so exciting has happened.  When I was little, before I figured out that I too could experience the turn of a century, I used to pester my great grandparents to no end about “before 1900.”  That I had family who had lived, even briefly, and were rooted in traditions from “before 1900” seemed magical-mythic even to me.  That was a stretch of time I found unfathomable.  A time so far away before cars, television, radio, telephones, running water, electricity. I was amazed.  I was in junior high at the turn of the millennium, people did the crazy ass Y2K thing and I gave them a funny look, but that too was exciting.  Maybe one day my children will look at my freshman year year book to see our class as the incoming freshman for 2000 were dubbed “the first class of the millennium.” Maybe that will seem magical to them.  That I was born in the 1980s will seem ancient, archaic, unfathomable in a world of 2000 dates.  Really, if it doesn’t I think I will have done something wrong in failing to instill in them a sense of wonder.

Whatever the tradition, calendar, or mode the passage of time is an important thing.  We are living in special times: as all humans have believed for eternity.  We are mythic and our lives are our stories.  It’s OUR duty to write our stories, and to learn to live in both our times and stories.  Most of the time people stand outside of history and look in but I think it’s important to realize we are also living in it.  Like any cycle change, shift, or new year: let this year be a force for change.  It’s a whole new year, a whole new cycle, and a whole new world.

I am marking this new cycle, and this Yuletide by getting a new tattoo. I also did a tarot reading with the Wildwood Tarot, as I do for all sabbats. (See picture.) What are you doing?  Pictures in about two to three weeks 🙂


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I'm just your average 20-something trying to figure it out. I am also a theologian, yogi, witch, pagan, dirty hippie, activist (progressive politics), feminist, knitter, environmentalist, and friend. I've also been accused of being a hipster - I am not sure about that. I am sometimes happy to be Gen Y (go Harry Potter) and most of the time confused (seriously guys... ) by everyone else. My hobbies including knitting (and maybe crochet), quilting, recycling, cooking, writing, reading, and biking. I'm finishing up a masters in public policy and when I worked worked in political nonprofits as an activist.
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