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Witchy Wednesday: My study of Datura

Last year I said I was going to blog about what’s going on in my garden, but then I got busy with the garden and didn’t get around to talking about it.  The suburban yard has a bunch of herbs … Continue reading

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The earth is stirring

I was writing some serious posts about feelings, experiences, and viewpoints and how they intersect with spirituality… and then the weather went and distracted me.  It’s 60 degrees here today.  At the end of January.  I am wearing yoga pants … Continue reading

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Beauty as a Virtue: tips from a beauty junkie

Pagan Blog Project 2013 Week 4: Beauty as a personal practice.   So, last week I explored what it means to recognize beauty and hold beauty as a virtue.  Holding beauty as a virtue or something with inherent good means looking for, … Continue reading

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Learning to Walk in Beauty

Virtues are somewhat personal I think.  Religion and spirituality can guide individuals but I think overall, virtues are something that one decides to make the basis of their own personal philosophy.  In my own personal spirituality, I’m not sure which … Continue reading

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Growing a Witches Garden

It’s a Witchy Wednesday post on time – in which I will focus on gardening.  I know, it’s January here in the northern hemisphere the ground is cold and frozen.  Frigid ground aside, January is when I begin to plan … Continue reading

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Everytime I see bad news about a hacker, I pray it’s not you

“Back in the day” I used to know some pretty amazing people.  I still know-of them, like in the way everyone does now.  We know their names.  Might recognize their faces.  We use their platforms and software.  The things they … Continue reading

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The Sickness !!

PBP is late again – because I have the plague.  Okay, not really, I have a sore throat and crazy fever.  I know, I said I was sick last weekend too – one might start to wonder if the universe … Continue reading

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Liebster Award 2013

I was nominated for a Liebster Award over at Stay for a Spell.  Thank you so much !  These are super fun and awesome ways to show people you appreciate them.  So thanks  Neferet, much love. “The Liebster Award is given … Continue reading

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PBP 2013! A is for Saint Allen Ginsberg

Okay so I’m a Pagan – there aren’t “saints” per say but I incorporate the idea of “saints” into my practice.  That’s what a theology degree will get you I guess – eclecticism and the license to make shit up … Continue reading

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