Witchy Wednesday: Wands

Bringing back the witches tools: I have a new tool!  Wands are used in many ways and by many magickal people, not just witches.  For a lot of Witches wands are used almost like athames.  I don’t really use an athame because for most of my witchy life I haven’t practiced Wiccan rituals.  Now that I am getting back into the Wiccan swing of things doing drawing down the moon rituals and celebrating sabbats with Wiccan rituals, I’ve been thinking about getting one.


My new wand titled “Heart’s Desire”, made by myself.

One tool I have wanted for some time is a nice wand.  So much so that I bought a plain wand at a festival over a year ago.  I spent a year “working” on it, attuning it, getting to know it, and finally I dedicated it.  This is my new wand: the “Heart’s Desire” wand.  Generally, wands and athames can be used much the same in rituals and both are for directing and conducting energy.  I associate wands not just with certain rituals but with magick in general.  This wand I created is not just for ritual use but also for spell craft and all kinds of magick.  The wand will direct energy, lend its own energy and “amplify” energy released from the witch.  A witch’s wand will “work” for whatever spell is cast, because it is “your” wand but some wands are more predisposed to work for certain things.
My wand is made of red oak.  This wood has all the magical properties of the oak, plus a fiery temperament.  I have gilded the handle and inset rose quartz and garnet stones.  Rose quartz for loving and compassionate energy, and to align the wand with my heart.  The garnet both lends power and focus to my spells.  At the bottom is yet another garnet to focus my will and power when using the wand.  The copper wire also attaches a pink heart, to re-align the wand with my desires.  I choose to charge this wand at a group ritual to celebrating Lammas; the ritual was about releasing that which holds us and reconnecting with ourselves and the divine love.  I also have dedicated and charged this wand during rituals to honor Aine, the faery queen, and the wand is aligned with her.

I will use my wand for spell work, generally for spells that are affecting outward things and bringing my desires to reality.  I might not use this wand to work an inner magick spell because I plan on creating another wand for this purpose, but there is no reason it wouldn’t “work.”  It very likely would work, but perhaps not as well.  All wands have their own “personality” so to speak, you will choose your wand and use your instincts to create it and use it as you feel is right.  It’s also perfectly acceptable not to use a wand, as the magick comes from the witch not tools.  I choose to make a wand because I felt drawn to this and I like to have pretty toys.


About Pixie

I'm just your average 20-something trying to figure it out. I am also a theologian, yogi, witch, pagan, dirty hippie, activist (progressive politics), feminist, knitter, environmentalist, and friend. I've also been accused of being a hipster - I am not sure about that. I am sometimes happy to be Gen Y (go Harry Potter) and most of the time confused (seriously guys... ) by everyone else. My hobbies including knitting (and maybe crochet), quilting, recycling, cooking, writing, reading, and biking. I'm finishing up a masters in public policy and when I worked worked in political nonprofits as an activist.
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One Response to Witchy Wednesday: Wands

  1. knixie.net says:

    Gorgeous wand! I’ve been meaning to make my own forever. I have a piece of mangrove I want to use but I lack the inspiration to start on it.

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