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Altars – what’s yours like?

I have kept an altar for most of my practice, but I have also gone years where it is not possible.  So, right now I am once again in transition and probably won’t be keeping a big formal altar in … Continue reading

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Talking with the Beloved Dead

A devotional practice for the Beloved Dead can be a comforting practice.  While I believe the dead are always with us, creating a sacred space for them in your life can give you a way to deal with difficult losses. … Continue reading

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M is for Myrtle

Pagan Blog Project Week 25: M is for Myrtle Myrtle, the plant, is sacred to Aphrodite.  It has been used to symbolize sex, fidelity, love, and offer protection.  For me, this plant has associations of protection specific to women and … Continue reading

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The Horned God of Wicca

Witchy Wednesdays this week will explore an important god in my practice: the Horned God.  So, we all know I worship Dionysos but I worship another god as well – though this god I do not have the kind of … Continue reading

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F is for Flowers

So I missed week 12 of PBP, I’m sorry. I’ve been super busy this last week – instead of celebrating spring on the equinox I ended up spending 10 hours in the flu-filled emergency room with my grandpa.  He is … Continue reading

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Of Plastic Paddys and Snakes

St. Patrick’s Day was this weekend.  Given my current circumstances, I didn’t do what I usually do – in any sense actually. St. Patrick’s Day is a traditional day to honor my ancestors and heritage, and of course, a day of … Continue reading

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Creation and Everyday Magick

Everyday acts are magical. When someone says “creation” many people think of awesome events like birth or the big bang. However, not all acts of creation are as awesome and inspiring as say giving birth or creating the universe.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Though heavy my heart shall always be: rebels of the sacred heart

There’s been a lot of noise in the news circles lately about the new healthcare legislation and birth control. The Catholic Church’s refuses to pay for birth control in their businesses. So, what do I care you’re thinking? I know, … Continue reading

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Travels Thru Middle Earth: Book Review

Travels Through Middle Earth: the Path of a Saxon Pagan, Alaric Albertsson, Llewellyn Publications, Woodburty, MN, 2009. Alaric Albertsson’s Travels Through Middle Earth: the Path of a Saxon Pagan is a good beginner book for anyone interested in the traditions … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras and Dionysos: Secular Celebrations as Sacred Rituals

This time of year is important in many religious and secular traditions. February holds many traditional celebrations like Mardi Gras and Valentines Day. Both modern celebrations have their roots and correspondences with ancient festivals of the Greek and Roman world. … Continue reading

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