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Love as a Lesson

Months ago I said I was coming back to this project; and then I didn’t.  A lot of changes have come in those months.  Life moved again, and I am trying things again with the Ex, so he’s now the … Continue reading

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Learning to Walk in Beauty

Virtues are somewhat personal I think.  Religion and spirituality can guide individuals but I think overall, virtues are something that one decides to make the basis of their own personal philosophy.  In my own personal spirituality, I’m not sure which … Continue reading

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The Practice of Paganism

PBP Week 31:  P is for Practice. When I first found paganism, and witchcraft, everyone was interested in sharing their beliefs.  Beliefs are shared easily through an anonymous forum on the Internet, while still being difficult to prove or disprove. … Continue reading

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Hellenic Pagans – What I’m Not

PBP H is for Hellenic Traditions.  I know this is way late, I meant to get this up Monday but the weekend was spent attending to some very important personal issues and soul-searching.  For the rest of the week I’ve … Continue reading

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Aphrodite: my observations

Relationships change over time, with both people and deities. One of the deities I have worked with the longest is Aphrodite. When I was younger I saw Aphrodite as a goddess of love and beauty, a warm welcoming mother-like goddess … Continue reading

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