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PBP: Guarding Our Communities

Earlier this week, Pagan author and folk musician Kenny Klein was arrested and confessed to possession of child pornography. Reactions from the Pagan world have not exactly been diverse. I am glad no one is saying it’s not a big deal.  I … Continue reading

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PBP: Thoughts on Queenship

Pagan Blog Project 2013: Q is for Queenship. The Wiccan triple Goddess is traditionally Maiden-Mother-Crone; representing the female lifecycle.  However in my personal practice I tend to think and work a little differently.  In my own mind and practice I … Continue reading

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What is really keeping me from my blog: Rape.

A month ago or so, I told myself I’d just jump back into this project and everything would be easy.  I assumed I’d just go right back into PBP.  It was more difficult than I’d imagined. One of the things that … Continue reading

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How To Project: How To Frame A Debate using Chick-Fill-A Protests

This post is a part of the How-To Project over on Tumbler inviting female bloggers and writers to write their own How-To articles on whatever we are good at.  The inspiration for this Tumbler project comes from the excessively gendered … Continue reading

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Gods, Goddess, and Gender from one’s Grrrl’s Perspective

PBP Week 13 (yay lucky 13!):  G is for Gender I am the kind of Pagan that worships gods and goddesses.  I know not all Pagans do, and even among those of us who do worship gods and goddesses, there is … Continue reading

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Though heavy my heart shall always be: rebels of the sacred heart

There’s been a lot of noise in the news circles lately about the new healthcare legislation and birth control. The Catholic Church’s refuses to pay for birth control in their businesses. So, what do I care you’re thinking? I know, … Continue reading

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Shark Week! Culture, Bodies, and Bleeding Intersect with Pagan Perspectives

Blood, we all have it, it’s the sticky substance that carries oxygen to our cells and cleans out our insides.  Women have a special relationship to blood – because our reproductive cycles clean themselves out once a month. Translation: we … Continue reading

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Rape Jokes Aren’t Funny – and other stuff I’m often afraid to say

I’m a feminist. I’m proud of it. This week, all over the United States, colleges will be performing The Vagina Monologues and A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, A Prayer and other V-Day benefits. These are important acts; and this week … Continue reading

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