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Love as a Lesson

Months ago I said I was coming back to this project; and then I didn’t.  A lot of changes have come in those months.  Life moved again, and I am trying things again with the Ex, so he’s now the … Continue reading

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The Practice of Paganism

PBP Week 31:  P is for Practice. When I first found paganism, and witchcraft, everyone was interested in sharing their beliefs.  Beliefs are shared easily through an anonymous forum on the Internet, while still being difficult to prove or disprove. … Continue reading

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Prayer from One Pagan’s Perspective

PBP 29 P is for Prayer. EDIT:  Okay, PBP is acutely on O, sorry I’m clearly out of the loop.  Anyway, I’m leaving this here.  Will have a regularly scheduled O post next week hopefully. I’m not sure what’s up with the … Continue reading

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Circe the Enchantress: Working with Archetypes

This week’s PBP prompt is C – so I am going to write about Circe.  I have seen in some Pagan literature Circe referred to as a goddess figure, and in some literature almost reinvented.  First, I am going to say … Continue reading

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Sacred Chords: The Minor Fall and the Major Lift

“Your faith was strong but you needed proof / You saw her bathing on the roof / Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you …” I spent my weekend packing up my house. Well, not my house anymore – rather … Continue reading

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The Cry of the Mandrake and Other Baneful Herbs

Post for week 4 in Pagan Blog Project: B II: Baneful Herbs In modern witchcraft, “baneful herbs” are herbs traditionally associated with ill will and are often very toxic. These are poisons that should not be handled by anyone who … Continue reading

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