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Knitting Season

So it’s almost Yule, almost Xmas, and it finally got cold.  By “finally” I mean literally: it just stopped being over 50 degrees (F) daily yesterday.  I guess this gives me time to catch up with my blog – and … Continue reading

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To Hot to Write

I’m such a slacker but this week has been busy around here.  In 100 degree heat, I don’t want to do much of anything.  After returning from Michigan, I have been in super-slacker mode.  At first I thought the trip … Continue reading

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Making magic with string: Knots and Knitting

PBP week 22: K II is for Knotwork and Knitting. They are pretty similar.  I’ve talked about the meditative aspects and importance of creation before on this blog but knitting plays a huge role in my life, while this is … Continue reading

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Creation and Everyday Magick

Everyday acts are magical. When someone says “creation” many people think of awesome events like birth or the big bang. However, not all acts of creation are as awesome and inspiring as say giving birth or creating the universe.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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