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PBP: Guarding Our Communities

Earlier this week, Pagan author and folk musician Kenny Klein was arrested and confessed to possession of child pornography. Reactions from the Pagan world have not exactly been diverse. I am glad no one is saying it’s not a big deal.  I … Continue reading

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In Defense of Judgement: or the problem with “no-judgement” attitudes

Pagan Blog Project Week 20:  J2 is for Judgement.  Before I get into it I want to point out some other great posts on PBP for Judgement over at The Druid Bird, Pagan Perspectives, and Tree of Learning Circle.  I respect … Continue reading

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Drama, Douche-baggery, and Defensive Magick

Week 8 of PBP: For my second D post I was going to follow a few trends – but decided against it. I could have written volumes about depression – how it affects my spirituality, my belief, even the Gods and … Continue reading

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