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Scratching Back: chicken’s foot charms

Chicken’s feet charms are common in the American South, Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Conjure traditions.  These traditions focus on a practical, low-cost approach to magick: which is part of what I like about them.  Another advantage of Hoodoo is that it’s … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: My study of Datura

Last year I said I was going to blog about what’s going on in my garden, but then I got busy with the garden and didn’t get around to talking about it.  The suburban yard has a bunch of herbs … Continue reading

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Making magic with string: Knots and Knitting

PBP week 22: K II is for Knotwork and Knitting. They are pretty similar.  I’ve talked about the meditative aspects and importance of creation before on this blog but knitting plays a huge role in my life, while this is … Continue reading

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Creation and Everyday Magick

Everyday acts are magical. When someone says “creation” many people think of awesome events like birth or the big bang. However, not all acts of creation are as awesome and inspiring as say giving birth or creating the universe.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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Drama, Douche-baggery, and Defensive Magick

Week 8 of PBP: For my second D post I was going to follow a few trends – but decided against it. I could have written volumes about depression – how it affects my spirituality, my belief, even the Gods and … Continue reading

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PBP – Cleansing: A Personal Ritual

This is the second C week for PBP and I’m going to talk about cleansing.  A lot of people have covered cleansing last week and I’m sure there will be more articles this week. So this post is a little more … Continue reading

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The Cry of the Mandrake and Other Baneful Herbs

Post for week 4 in Pagan Blog Project: B II: Baneful Herbs In modern witchcraft, “baneful herbs” are herbs traditionally associated with ill will and are often very toxic. These are poisons that should not be handled by anyone who … Continue reading

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