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Talking with the Beloved Dead

A devotional practice for the Beloved Dead can be a comforting practice.  While I believe the dead are always with us, creating a sacred space for them in your life can give you a way to deal with difficult losses. … Continue reading

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Back to School

The end of August and beginning of September is back to school time.  I think this time of year as a time to put things in order and start off fresh. While there are still at least one and a … Continue reading

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PBP: Thoughts on Queenship

Pagan Blog Project 2013: Q is for Queenship. The Wiccan triple Goddess is traditionally Maiden-Mother-Crone; representing the female lifecycle.  However in my personal practice I tend to think and work a little differently.  In my own mind and practice I … Continue reading

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Messages, Omen, and Signs

I believe the Gods are always speaking.  We are bombarded with thousands of messages everyday.  However they come, we need to be careful in reading these messages.  I’m sure everyone can think of that one person on their life who … Continue reading

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The earth is stirring

I was writing some serious posts about feelings, experiences, and viewpoints and how they intersect with spirituality… and then the weather went and distracted me.  It’s 60 degrees here today.  At the end of January.  I am wearing yoga pants … Continue reading

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Learning to Walk in Beauty

Virtues are somewhat personal I think.  Religion and spirituality can guide individuals but I think overall, virtues are something that one decides to make the basis of their own personal philosophy.  In my own personal spirituality, I’m not sure which … Continue reading

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Book Review: I Want to Be Left Behind (Peterson)

I Want to Be Left Behind: Finding Rapture Here on Earth (2010). Peterson, B.  Da Capo Press. (Kindle Edition) Brenda Peterson’s I Want to Be Left Behind is a personal memoir of her spiritual journey growing up in a Southern … Continue reading

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Prayer from One Pagan’s Perspective

PBP 29 P is for Prayer. EDIT:  Okay, PBP is acutely on O, sorry I’m clearly out of the loop.  Anyway, I’m leaving this here.  Will have a regularly scheduled O post next week hopefully. I’m not sure what’s up with the … Continue reading

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The waves were coming in like… Horses: venting about my tarot deck

What do you do when your tarot readings are to epic?  I love the World Tree Spread and the Wildwood Tarot’s art… I love the idea.  However, when I use the deck for general readings (though I only use the … Continue reading

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Learning Merida’s Lesson on Myth

PBP Week 29: M is for Myth and Merida!  This theme of history and myth I hope to explore in the upcoming week, I’m too tired now to go into it as deeply as I would like. -Pixar’s new movie … Continue reading

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