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Altars – what’s yours like?

I have kept an altar for most of my practice, but I have also gone years where it is not possible.  So, right now I am once again in transition and probably won’t be keeping a big formal altar in … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Wands

Bringing back the witches tools: I have a new tool!  Wands are used in many ways and by many magickal people, not just witches.  For a lot of Witches wands are used almost like athames.  I don’t really use an … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Apps for Witchcraft

When I’m at a loss for what to post, I turn to canned posts and themes.  So I’ll probably start making a lot of new “themes” in the next few weeks so I can just “write” when the mood hits. … Continue reading

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Entering The Moon

You open your eyes and find yourself on a path, its early evening.  Behind you is a lake, teeming with fish and wildlife.  On the sides of the path are open fields, cool grass tickles your feet.  A few feet … Continue reading

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Why Burn Incense?

PBP Week 17 I.  I is for Incense. There are many parts of a ritual. You have the auditory part – the sounds used in the ritual.  There are vocal parts to rituals:  the words you say.  Of course action … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Witchy Tools – Athame

Athames are ritual daggers in Wicca.  A lot of witches use them as well who practice traditional witchcraft but I don’t – generally.  I used to have one when I was newer to the craft and I purchased it when … Continue reading

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F is for Flowers

So I missed week 12 of PBP, I’m sorry. I’ve been super busy this last week – instead of celebrating spring on the equinox I ended up spending 10 hours in the flu-filled emergency room with my grandpa.  He is … Continue reading

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Besom: The Witches’ Broom

B is for Besom: my second Pagan Blog Project entry. In modern witchcraft the witches brooms used for ceremonial rather than mundane purposes are referred to as besoms. These are not brooms used for tidying up, but for many ceremonial … Continue reading

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