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Wordless Wednesday: Witch Crafting

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Scratching Back: chicken’s foot charms

Chicken’s feet charms are common in the American South, Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Conjure traditions.  These traditions focus on a practical, low-cost approach to magick: which is part of what I like about them.  Another advantage of Hoodoo is that it’s … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Wands

Bringing back the witches tools: I have a new tool!  Wands are used in many ways and by many magickal people, not just witches.  For a lot of Witches wands are used almost like athames.  I don’t really use an … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: My study of Datura

Last year I said I was going to blog about what’s going on in my garden, but then I got busy with the garden and didn’t get around to talking about it.  The suburban yard has a bunch of herbs … Continue reading

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Growing a Witches Garden

It’s a Witchy Wednesday post on time – in which I will focus on gardening.  I know, it’s January here in the northern hemisphere the ground is cold and frozen.  Frigid ground aside, January is when I begin to plan … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Apps for Witchcraft

When I’m at a loss for what to post, I turn to canned posts and themes.  So I’ll probably start making a lot of new “themes” in the next few weeks so I can just “write” when the mood hits. … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Horny Goats or my favorite mythological animal

So, first I’m going to say anything I consider a “fairy” doesn’t fall into “mythological animal” because I wouldn’t say fairies are “animals.”  Otherwise obviously, my favorite mythological creature would a Pixie!  Duh! “Pastoral Symphony” by Disney ex. Fantasia I’m … Continue reading

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The Horned God of Wicca

Witchy Wednesdays this week will explore an important god in my practice: the Horned God.  So, we all know I worship Dionysos but I worship another god as well – though this god I do not have the kind of … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesdays: Exploring Minoan Goddesses

I am totally doing this Witchy Wednesday thing out-of-order.  Some  of these prompts I really like but I don’t have the kind of time I want to put into writing them now. Especially the picture ones, because my cameras aren’t … Continue reading

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Witchy Wednesday: Witchy Tools – Athame

Athames are ritual daggers in Wicca.  A lot of witches use them as well who practice traditional witchcraft but I don’t – generally.  I used to have one when I was newer to the craft and I purchased it when … Continue reading

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