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This is MY Healthcare – not yours

I wrote a dozen posts about rape, Akin, and Mizzourah and trashed them: now that he has unofficially said he’ll drop out I’m going to say this: Just because Todd Akin drops out of the race doesn’t mean we are … Continue reading

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Policy, Politics, and Paganism in Mizzourah: Amendment 2

PBP Week 32: P is for Persecution, Policy, and Politics – which really means I’m going to be talking about identity politics.  I’m going to put it out here and say even if you really don’t give two shits about “politics” or … Continue reading

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How To Project: How To Frame A Debate using Chick-Fill-A Protests

This post is a part of the How-To Project over on Tumbler inviting female bloggers and writers to write their own How-To articles on whatever we are good at.  The inspiration for this Tumbler project comes from the excessively gendered … Continue reading

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I’m Not Feeding the Trolls… IRL

It’s still painfully hot, and I’m still painfully lazy.  However, I do actually plan to get “on track” with PBP this week since I’m currently pre-writing my Friday post for “P.”   That being said, I will probably go deeper … Continue reading

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Though heavy my heart shall always be: rebels of the sacred heart

There’s been a lot of noise in the news circles lately about the new healthcare legislation and birth control. The Catholic Church’s refuses to pay for birth control in their businesses. So, what do I care you’re thinking? I know, … Continue reading

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